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My new account!

2014-10-23 12:51:26 by Jankov

Hello, everybody!

Cause of bug on my first account ( i've created this new one. So.... Welcome :D 


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2014-10-24 03:08:17

You can send a message to Wade ( and either get the other account reset, or get it deleted. Having the same pics up in both accounts is redundant, but can also be confusing. Seeing the same pic under different names can cause it to be reported as stolen. :\


(Updated ) Jankov responds:

Yeah, your right. I'll think about it and will solve this ASAP. Thank you very much :)


2014-10-24 13:31:36

Ahh yeah I think I read about that on the forums. Hope it gets sorted out eventually! Though looking at the signatures in your stuff, this username seems a bit more fitting. :) Nice works!

Jankov responds:

Thanks a lot :D